YO MAN, WHATS UP? What’s the hottest this year? “I don’t think it’s OK”, “I think it’s all right”, “Do you have Freestyle”. This summer, the air is full of hip-hop. This program not only brings a variety of social golden sentences to netizens, but also allows excellent Chinese Rappers to break out of the Underground, allowing the world to see the Freestyle belonging to the Chinese hip-hop. After the end of the show, hip-hop fans’ passion is still rising high, and I know that hip-hop is more than just a show. Let the ending of the double yellow egg all stand aside, and keep on drying!

ALL RIGHT, EVERYBODY HANDS UP! DOOR&KEY 2017 hip-hop tour concert in Beijing is about to open restlessly. The weather is getting colder now, but it can’t cool down our burning hip-hop soul. Let’s meet at the Cadillac Center (Formerly the Wukesong Gymnasium) on December 3rd and set off the strongest Hip-Hop heat wave in 2017.

The so-called seeing is not necessarily “true” because the show presented to you may be just a small portion of the program edited by the camera editors and you have not experienced it personally. But come here and you will see China’s top hip-hop Rappers all on stage, nonstop three-hour top audio-visual feast, the restless carnival night with thousands of people. The content is really Battle, we Be Real. Tonight we will not say good night, let the form of dry come to the end!

Get close contact with the GAI, to see how GAI uses the line “Why there is always someone smarter?” in the song “Empty City Plan” to brainwash your eyes and ears; to see how After Journey uses skills to astonish your perception; to see your Beijing boy Huizi perform “Two Smoking Barrels” in Beijing accent on the spot, and surely there are Bigdog, Simba and many other Rappers to take turns on the stage. Gathering masters and full of sincerity!

Every sub-culture has its own dream of breaking through. Through the brewing and fermenting of Str-Dance, graffiti, tattoos and extreme sports, hip-hop finally emerges as the leader of the “pan-street culture.” Meet on December 3, and DOOR & KEY 2017 hip-hop tour concert in Beijing will be open restlessly at the Cadillac Center (the Wukesong Gymnasium). China’s top hip-hop stars in the circle will gather together. Hip-hop heat is in a high fever. What an absolute annual hottest hip-hop assembly! What are you waiting for? Enjoy the big carnival of rapping together!