“Michael Learns To Rock” is back! On the afternoon of January 13, 2017, Danish Love Songs Group “Michael Learns To Rock” held a press conference at the Beijing Fenglian Convention Center, bringing good news to the Chinese fans that “Love·Eternity” China Tour in 2017 was officially launched. At the end of the year, in order to cater to the atmosphere of celebrating the coming of new things, the press conference changed the traditional form and brought a warm and wonderful afternoon in a relaxing and pleasant way.

Brimming with Laughter and True Feelings

Chen Xinjian, a famous Hong Kong artist, was invited to attend the conference. He serves as the host, scriptwriter, director, producer as well as the executive director of Sky Team Entertainment to take post of emcee. Under his leadership, the three members of “Michael Learns to Rock” first played “hide and seek” with the fans, and then they put on the Tang suit and enjoyed challenging the traditional Chinese custom paper-cut at the conference.



To the three handsome Danish boys’ surprise, a group of fans who have accompanying them for nearly 30 years came to the press conference. Not only did the fans show how much they love the idols, but they also presented the precious souvenir they collected 20 years ago when “Michael Learns to Rock” had a tour in China. The ongoing company and eternal affection also touched the boys.



The Representation of Classics and incredibly Amazing New Voice

At the conference, they also brought their classic songs. After “That’s Why You Go Away”, “25 Minutes” and other well-known tracks, Phoebe, the special guest of “Michael Learns to Rock” China tour, unexpectedly sang a song named “The Goodbye Kiss” (for English version “Take Me to Your Heart”) with her beautiful voice as the melody started, which hit everyone’s ears.



Phoebe is the latest talented diva in Sky Team Entertainment who is able to sing the Mandarin songs, Cantonese songs and English songs. As a singer-songwriter who stood out in the television program “A Fight for Singers” held by Guangdong TV, Phoebe finally won the chance to cooperate with her super idol “Michael Learns to Rock” after getting the strong support of many senior stars on the music road, which was called an inspirational story in music circle and made her win the lovely title of “The witch of music”. According to what was uncovered at the press conference, in 2017, Phoebe will also cooperate with “Michael Learns to Rock” to release a new and anticipated song arranged by Mr. Lin Jianhua, the famous music producer in Chinese music circle. As one of the Chinese gifted music producers, Lin Jianhua once made a number of popular classic songs, such as “The Lover” of Du Dewei, “Suddenly” of Karen Mok, “The Unique Skill” of Leo Ku, “Always be with Me” of Eason Chan and “Sick and groan” of Jacky Cheung. For this time, there is no doubt that the new song particularly arranged for “Michael Learns to Rock” and Phoebe is sure to be the most classic pop song in the world.



The Tours in Five Cities Makes “Love·Eternity” Spring up.

As one of the sponsors, Mr. Yan Peiyi, the CEO of Sky Team Entertainment, also specially reached conference to cheer on Phoebe and “Michael Learns to Rock” for their first cooperation.

Mr. Yan Peiyi said that Sky Team Entertainment is committed to gathering the music talents in both China and foreign countries all together to bring a new experience to the Chinese pop music and concerts. As a representative of pop culture in the world, “Michael Learns to Rock” is already a familiar friend to Chinese fans. It must be one of the most anticipated events in 2017 to see that “Michael Learns to Rock” will take the new diva Phoebe of Sky Team Entertainment to have a tour for the world. Especially for the deep emotion of Chinese fans, “Michael Learns to Rock” that sweep the whole nation will cooperate with Phoebe to release the newest duet. We do believe that the new song is sure to be popular in every concern of China. Please give your support and attention to this coming spectacular event.


At the conference, the sponsor Sky Team Entertainment and Inspiration Entertainment officially announced that, taking “Love·Eternity” as the theme, “Michael Learns to Rock” China Tour in 2017 will start in so many cities one by one, which indicates that, in 2017, we will have the opportunity to re-experience the classics of “Michael Learns to Rock” and embrace a new and forever love in wonderful memories.