After seven years, the most admired and anticipated Chinese God of Songs presented a brand new album Wake Up Dreaming at the end of 2014. This year, Cheung will start A CLASSIC TOUR at the expectation of the music circle and his most passionate fans. It has been more than four years since Cheung’s 1/2 CENTURY TOUR, after 146 concerts over 18 months across the globe, ended on May 30, 2014. 1/2 CENTURY TOUR broke two records, for hosting the most concerts in a single tour of a Chinese singer, and for hitting 2,048,553 audiences within 12 months on Guinness World Records.

Resonating with Wake Up Dreaming album art, where Cheung stands on a coastal rock against the high seas, A CLASSIC TOUR will present a stronger and more shocking show. The exclusive element of the tour is fire, indicating a long, classic journey tempered in the flames of time. CLASSIC inclusively represents a collection of Cheung’s classic songs, the great name Cheung makes as a brilliant singer and artist, the classic miracles created by the God of Songs for those who love and admire him so much. Cheung is a legend!

A CLASSIC TOUR will be a surprise, not only for the earnest fans, but also for Cheung himself. After 1/2 CENTURY TOUR, Cheung went through a long time doubting whether he could do it again. After evaluating his physical conditions, Cheung finally decides to challenge himself and present his most impressive songs, dances and performances again on the stage. He hopes A CLASSIC TOUR would become A CLASSIC MEMOERY of his fans. Cheung spent months practicing singing. He jokingly said, “You will find the ticket worthwhile if you expect nothing but my songs.”

Cheung has meticulously held almost twenty meetings over three months with his team and all personnel concerned to prepare for a perfect show. Through A CLASSIC TOUR, Cheung expects to see his fans in past years, at present and in the future, and share a Chinese music gala forever worldwide. However, Cheung doesn’t care whether A CLASSIC TOUR will be a bigger success than all his previous tours. To him, the best thing, and the only thing that matters, is to sing and dance for his beloved fans.