Zi Yue (子曰乐队) or Yaoshi Ziyue (爻釋・子曰) are a Chinese rock band formed in Beijing in 1994. The name “Zi Yue” literally means “Confucius Says…,” but the band has occasionally also used the English name You.Me.It.. The founder and lead singer is Qiu Ye (秋野).

Zi Yue’s first album was praised as the best Chinese album of 1997 by China Broadway (Zhongguo Bailaohu), which is one of China’s leading music magazines.

Rock critic Shang Guan wrote: “Just when we are lamenting the decline of Chinese rock and roll, Zi Yue brings us this delightful album. It is not only a pleasant surprise but also a comfort – a comfort to all the hearts which have cooled down for such a long time..”

Date: Saturday, 2nd Mar @ 20:00
City: Beijing
Venue: Tango Live House

Presale 180 RMB
At Door 220 RMB

VIP ticket:
– VIP pass
– Get an autographed poster
– Have your photo taken with Zi Yue Qiu Ye