In 2018, a group of big-name giants are going to appear in the Chinese performing market, but there are no other icons or groups that own such a massive fan base and remain at the center of the music world as “Foster The People” does at their pinnacle. At the same time, with numerous fans, it has become the focus of world music. This year, the world’s popular electric rock band will bring their excellent performance to China.

Recently, Bravo Entertainment Limited has announced that the band will be touring to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, starting from January 14, 2018.

Foster the People is an American indie pop band formed in Los Angeles. Most of their works expand upon the indie electronic outfit’s ’80s synth-meets-’60s psych pop sound. (The 80’s synthesizer encounters 60’s psychedelic, just like a blend of DepecheMode and Mazzy Star.) This unique style of indietronica music instantly captured the attention of both fans and musicians. Since its eponymous debut EP in 2010, the band has been hugely popular with countless music fans, especially female enthusiasts.

“Begin with the face and fall by the brain.” says everything about the band

Pumped Up Kicks was released as the band’s debut single in September 2010. The track received considerable attention after it was posted online in 2010 as a free download.

In 2011, Foster The People was nominated as the Best New Artist and Best Rock Video of MTV

In a few days, it hit the Hype Machine (a foreign music search platform that tracks the music resources on the blog, allowing visitors to better discover all kinds of music and artists, etc.). A year later, it seemed to be popular with millions of listeners around the world. After the viral success of Pumped Up Kicks, the band gradually gained a fan base through small club shows and appearances at music festivals such as SXSW (South by Southwest, an annual festival held in Texas, USA, the largest and most influential music festival in the world).

SXSW 2015
The song Pumped Up Kicks became a crossover hit on commercial radio and reached top 10 in all kinds of music charts in the United States, topping the Billboard list of alternative songs and reaching No. 3 on the list of rock music and the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Monotony is always boring, and Foster The People has never stuck to a specific type of music. They are born to build a world of diversity and represent a variety of music styles. Their most famous song Pumped Up Kicks has perfectly embodied the distinctive electronic style, but there is also a blend of psychedelic retro, dance music and even some ingredients of Punk in their songs. Listening to their music, you will be fascinated by the beating of the notes.

The drive of the fast-growing band to create more distinctive music never slackened. Their third album, Sacred Hearts Club of 2017, consists of 12 tracks. The band made every effort to integrate the new psychedelic, punk, funk, electronics, dance and hip hop and other styles into this album. At last, it successfully demonstrated the band’s endless creativity, changing their image in the eyes of the general public.

They are an everyday singer cloaked in maverick appearance. If you are tempted by their catchy melodies and go on to explore the content of their songs, you will be surprised by the fact that they are more than just a band that has achieved their goal of being popular by melody. For example, Pumped Up Kicks is about the school shooting. Despite the powerful rhythm and cheerful melody, the woeful statement in a female voice actually delivers a positive attitude and caution to people. In another lyric song Ruby, they focused on the psychological problems of the frustrated young people. The gentle calls with affection and care gives a sad but powerful feeling to the audience.

  • Changeable
  • Interesting
  • Wonderfu
  • Charming

Multiple elements are subtly mixed in Foster The People. You will gravitate to a music fantasy by the alluring melody, meaningful lyrics and their performance like shining stars.

Yes, you can imagine the fervency permeating the air of the show. How can you miss such a wonderful live show!. It is a pity that you couldn’t hear the Eagles singing Hotel California anymore, but you will never want to miss the chance to see Foster The People.

Bravo Entertainment Limited has made every effort for the success of the tour of the band in China in 2018. To leave an unforgettable live experience on Chinese audiences, this tour has invited the well-known lead singer Mark Foster and drummer Mark Pontius, as well as the keyboardists Isom Innis and Phillip Danyew, guitarist Sean Cimino and bassist Joseph Halford. We believe that in this cold winter, they will warm the five cities with their passionate performance for their fans.

Tour Schedule:

January 14, 2018 Beijing
3rd Floor, Tango Club (Yonghegong Lama Temple Station)
50 meters away from Yonghegong Qiaobei, Dongcheng District

January16, 2018 Shanghai
Ruihong Tiandi Moon Bay, 188 Ruihong Road, Hongkou District

January18 2018, Chengdu
Fanmate Creative Art Area- Normalizing Arts Center Hall 1
No.666 Dong Hong Road, Longquanyi District

January20, 2018 Guangzhou
No. 2-8, 315, Middle Huangpu Avenue, Yangcheng Creative Industrial Park

January 21, 2018 Shenzhen
A8 Music Mansion, Keyuan Road, Nanshan District



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