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Beijing Bravo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Bravo Entertainment) is an internationally renowned company that focuses on organizing large-scale international music activities. It enjoys the exclusive rights to host a full variety of international music festivals in China, including the world famous Grammy® Festival.


Live Concerts

Unforgettable concerts

Most people are at a concert because they want to be inspired, entertained, moved; we have the mission to be bring that joy to every fan and make them feel happy.

Music Festivals

Unique festivals

Festivals promote diversity, creativity and fun, they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.

Corporate Events

Corporate & Branding

Our major strength is to understand the market where we work with and evolutionate with him. That's why we will always find the best option for your event.

Artist Promotion

Marketing & Promotion

The key to successfully promoting in today’s music industry is to try new things, learn from the promotions we run, make changes, and fine-tune them to for every need.


Daya Confirm show in Shanghai

Grace Martine Tandon, better known by her stage name Daya, is a promising American singer-songwriter, and ace instrumentalist, whose singing […]

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Isaac Gracie China Tour 2019

Isaac Joseph Gracie-Burrow (born 28 October 1994), known professionally as simply Isaac Gracie, is a British singer-songwriter from Ealing, West […]

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Bang Gang China Tour 2018

After a seven-year hiatus, Bang Gang is back with a brand new album – The Wolves Are Whispering. This release […]

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Work with Us

Come and join us!

We’re a casual, tight-knit team that constantly strives to do things better, quicker, and smarter. Our actions have a direct impact on the success of the company, and our employees work towards common goals that benefit the team as a whole.

That's why at Bravo, we have space for people who:
believe things can be done differently, don’t know how to work without having fundream big, think the team comes first, have innovation as their flag, see solutions before problems, fall in love with what they do.